My husband, my cousin and I popped in to AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint for dinner one evening.

This place is awesome.  It gives off a neighborhood hang out vibe.  I feel like if I was living in the area this would be my Central Perk, my Peach Pit, my Moe’s Tavern.

It’s a small restaurant and all the seating was full.  There was probably about 8 people lined up outside.  Luckily, we made reservations and were seated as soon as we arrived.

There was hand sanitizer at the door, plexi-glass installed between the tables and the staff was all masked.

The atmosphere in here is absolutely buzzing.  The walls are covered in baseball paraphernalia, there are screens with sporting events playing and they were bumping old school hip hop (think Biggie, Dre and Eminem).  The staff seemed friendly and relaxed.

Talking to our server felt like you were just chatting with an acquaintance you ran into.  She was chatty and likable.  She went through the menu with us.  They have tons of beer on tap and offer so many different types of pizzas with a vast array of toppings.

We ordered two half and half pizzas.  We went with:

New York Style Style 1/2 and 1/2 of –

  • Spicy Tuscan Margherita – fresh mozarella, crushed tomato sauce, basil and chili flakes (usually comes with crispy prosciutto, but we omitted)
  • Italian Beef – tomato sauce, shredded mozza, italian beef, jalapenos, roasted red pepper

The Detroit Red Top 1/2 and 1/2 of –

  • Thor! – spicy sausage meatballs and ricotta
  • Veggie – fire roasted tomatoes

The Detroit Red Top came out first.  I initially thought we accidentally got the wrong order.  It looked like a lasagna to me.  It was a deep rectangular pizza unlike any I’ve seen before.  It was in reverse, toppings on the bottom and the red sauce on top.  The slices were huge and this pizza was sooooo delicious.  The fire roasted tomatoes on the veggie one were so flavorful.

The New York Style followed.  I was already pretty full by the time we got to this pizza, but I wanted to to try all the types that we ordered so I made extra room. It was a thin crust along the top, yet thick and crisp along the edges. These pizzas were just fire.

My cousin was attempting to give me his best critique of the pizza, but finally said that AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint had the best pizza he’d ever had in his life.  My husband, Chris, is a self proclaimed pizza connoisseur.  He talked about how much he loved the pizzas the whole way home.

I was so happy with our experience at AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint.  I would highly recommend.