It was my hubby’s birthday and I wanted to take him somewhere special.  I had seen Beach House post their Sunday special seafood tower on their Instagram and thought it would be perfect.  We live downtown and are surrounded by wonderful restaurants, but I wanted to do something special and take us out of our usual comfort zone.  We jumped in a taxi and ventured over to West Vancouver.

Unfortunately, we were pretty disappointed with our experience.

I made us reservations for a sunny Sunday at 2 pm and we were not given patio seating (we were told there was a wait).  We  chose to celebrate on a Sunday specifically to take advantage of their Sunday special seafood tower.  At 2 p.m. they were already out of it.  We tried to make our own little variation of the tower by ordering dishes a la carte, but they didn’t have most of the items listed on the menu that we had our hearts set on (no oysters, no crab).

My husband wanted to order a non alcoholic beer and they didn’t have any. At one point our drinks were empty on the table and no one asked if we wanted more.

I felt like my attempt to do something different and special failed.

That being said, the food that we did get was delicious. We got the:

  • Ahi Tuna Poke
  • Yuzu Crab Roll
  • Filet and Lobster Tail

All of it was great.  It was just that it was our norm – meals we eat in our neighborhood often.  Not worth the extra taxi fare to get more of our usual.

Our server was sweet and lovely – I’m sure it’s difficult telling someone no for every request they make. They comped some of our appetizers so they definitely did their best to make things right, but it really didn’t feel like enough to make up for the sour experience that we had for a special occasion.

Seems like they have a few details to iron out here.

Disclaimer:  This review was written in the summer of 2020.