Every summer Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar has these wonderful Sunday events.  I’ve attended for the last two years and I feel like the value is unbelievable.  With this years event coming up soon (June 17 to August 26) I thought I would share my previous experiences with you.

Tickets can be purchased on the Boulevard webpage.  They are $65.00 plus tax and gratuity.  They only sell 24 tickets per Sunday.  It is an outdoor event.  The first year we went, it was raining out so they moved it to their private room inside the restaurant.  All seating is communal so you’ll be seated with a group of  strangers and you will be sharing food with them (family style).  The first year we went, it was just the hubby and I that attended.  It was nice to meet new people.  Everyone was friendly and having a good time.  The following year we decided to invite several other couples.  We ended up taking up more than half of our table.  That was a memorable event for all of us.  It’s just a fun scene.  Good food and good vibes.

Your ticket includes a glass of sparkling wine to start off the evening, salad and a scotch egg as an appetizer, the seafood boil with crawfish, prawns, crabs, mussels, clams, potatoes and corn with three different dipping sauces, delicious cornbread and a beignet with ice cream for dessert.  The food is out of this world good.  Every bite is pure heaven.  It’s enough food that you’re completely stuffed.  The service is great and it feels weird not paying or tipping at the end (all included in your ticket price) because it’s all so amazing.  I’ve been to restaurants that offer casual seafood boil dining and it’s usually around the same price once you add up appies and alcohol and the service or food is not near as great as it is here.  It’s just a fantastic all around experience and one that I highly encourage you to try.  You won’t be disappointed.