Today is National Doughnut Day!  I spent my lunch break on the search for the perfect doughnut.  I came across Breka Bakery and decided to pop in.  There’s a great selection of beautiful sandwiches, mouthwatering pastries and delectable doughnuts.  I decided on the bocconcini panini and the chocolate hazelnut filled doughnut.  This bakery wasn’t too busy at lunch, but the staff was surprisingly cold.  Breka is open 24/7 so perhaps they were reeling from a long shift, but sometimes a smile can go a long way.  They did seem to provide service quickly though, so I will give them that.  The bakery has tons of seating.  There seems to be a lot of people on laptops just chilin out.  My sandwich was good.  It wasn’t mind blowing or anything, but a good sandwich.  The doughnut was the star of the show.  It was even better than it looked.  The icing was out of this world and the chocolate hazelnut filling was sooo good….mmm.  It was definitely a good way to celebrate National Doughnut Day!