We booked our parasailing adventure with Cabo Expeditions.  We were picked up by a shuttle from our hotel and taken to the Cabo San Lucas marina.  When we arrived, we learned that we were the only two people that had booked for that time slot so we got the boat all to ourselves.  We walked through the marina and saw some wildlife before even got on the boat.  We knew it was going to be a great day.  We were on the boat with two employees, the captain and the technician.  We were strapped in and taken up in the parasail.  It was simply gorgeous.  There is something so calming about being up there.  It’s serene.  You’re floating above looking down into the ocean.  We saw a sea turtle swimming, as well as otters hanging out.  It was really cool.  The employees took many photos for us that we loved.  A big downside was that toward the end of our time up in the sky we looked up and noticed that one of the hooks wasn’t completely closed.  I think they probably strap people in so much that perhaps they do it too quickly.  It made us a bit panicked for the last minute or so, but we were brought down pretty much right after we noticed.  We were lucky.  It was a memorable experience and one that my husband and I always think back to.  If you’re going to go, perhaps try a different company and make sure everything is closed completely on your own before you’re let up into the sky.  For us, we’re still alive lol so it worth it and a happy memory.