On Tuesday evening, I headed over to Yaletown for foodie event “Chef Meets Truck” where fantastic local chef’s took over food trucks to collaborate on delicious dishes.  The event ran from 6-9.  Our tickets included beer, wine and flavored gin as well as a dish from each truck and dessert.

When we arrived, we waited in a very short line that moved very quickly to get our wristbands and passports.  The passports are checked off at each food truck.  The mash-ups were:

Justin Cheung (Longtail Kitchen) with Melt Shop Truck and Biota Fermentation

Hilary Nguy (Temaki Sushi) with Kafka’s Coffee Truck

Erin Stone (North Arm Farm) with Mr. Bannock

Ted Anderson and Alex Ploughman (Joey’s) with Via Tevere Neapolitan Express

Alexandrea Fladhamer (Fiore Restaurants) with Mom’s Grilled Cheese

Mark Singson (FAM Inc – Top Chef Finalist) and Tony Starratt (Two Rivers Specialty Meats)

Felix Zhou (Heritage Asian Eatery) and Bryan Satterford (Juke Fried Chicken)

Each stop offered delicious, creative plates.  There were vegetarian options if you have restrictions.  In the centre of it all there were stands set up offering beer from Parallel 49, Gin Cocktails from Central City Brewing and Wine from Cedar Creek Winery.  There was a dessert offering from Beta 5 and an area where you could play games.  They had a musician playing live music.

My favorite dishes of the night:

*the tea cured sablefish, aburi sushi rice, avocado mayo and spicy cucumber (Hilary Nguy, Kafka Coffee Truck)

*filipino style chargrilled beef ribs with crispy and pickled onions (Mark Singson, Top Chef Finalist and Tony Starratt, Two Rivers Specialty Meats)

*fried chicken bao, kimchi ranch and sweet pickles (Felix Zhou, Heritage Asian Eatery and Bryan Satterford, Juke Fried Chicken)

This was a great event.  It was a great way to spice up a run of the mill Tuesday.