Last night, my husband Chris and I headed over to Cin City Donuts to try some of the items on their menu.

You know those delicious mini cinnamon donuts from the PNE?  This is the new brick and mortar that they opened last year.  Those donuts take me back to summers in Vancouver.  You couldn’t leave the PNE without snatching some up!  They were a must!

When you walk through the door of Cin City Donuts, the first thing that hits you is that nostalgic smell of deliciousness.  I stood at the door for a moment to take it all in.  This place is so super cute!  I got massive carnival vibes with the the wall art and the pretty twinkling string lights hanging from the ceiling.  The store is clean, new and fresh. In the center is the ordering counter with the menu board behind the cash register.  We were greeted by some friendly masked faces and tons of enthusiasm.

We put in our orders and got to watch as they were being made in the donut machine/maker.  Very cool!

We opted to try two of their gourmet options.  We went with the funfetti celebration (sprinkles!!) and the deep fried oreo donuts.  The presentation is unmatched!

  • Funfetti Celebration – Donuts topped with vanilla frosting and covered in fun and colorful sprinkles and a tiny donut candle.  I oohed and aahed when I got it.  It is the cutest!  It is also majorly instagrammable!  I was already impressed, but then I tried it and ohhh ehhhm geee, I died and went to heaven.  The donuts were warm and soft. I’m a frosting girl (looove it),  I dipped the donuts in every last bit of frosting there was until it was all gone.  I had read somewhere that it reminded someone of dunkaroos, and I second that.  This is my favorite.
  • Deep Fried Oreos – Oreos covered in the mini donut batter, then fried and topped with chocolate sauce and icing sugar.  The combo of the warm donut with the oreo inside was absolutely delectable.  Just when you thought Oreos couldn’t get any better, along comes Cin City Donuts.  It was yummy!  This was Chris’ favorite of the night.

Beyond their gourmet items that we tried, the menu has tons of other carnival favorites like bags of the cinnamon donuts we know and love, hot dogs, lemonade and cotton candy.

We had a chance to sit and chat with the owner, Layla.  She is a bundle of positive energy and we both enjoyed chatting with her.  We got to learn a bit of the history behind the store and how it came to be.

Another bonus to Cin City Donuts is that it’s located in Mount Pleasant next to AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint.  How perfect!  I mean, what sounds better than Pizza and Donuts?!

This is one of my new favorite places for sure!  I definitely recommend that you try them out!  You will love it!

Thank you to Cin City Donuts for inviting me to taste some of your items.

Stay tuned for your chance to win some delicious treats from Cin City Donuts.  Details to come on my instagram page (@getsprinkled) and/or my giveaways page.