Earlier this year Craft opened up a new location in a prime spot across from Cactus Club at English Bay.

During the summer, I came by a few times trying to get in and on to the patio, but the wait times were an hour, sometimes two.  I was always way to hungry to wait.  Finally, I actually went and put my name down an hour prior to the time that I wanted and that worked out great.  Figured out that this is the way to go when the weather is nice.

The first time I went, it was my hubby, my cousin and I.  We started on the “beer garden” patio.  This is actually just a back parking lot that is no longer in use that was converted into an outdoor patio during B.C’s covid circuit breaker.  It gives me hipster vibes with picnic tables and a funky mural.

We got started with some drinks.  They, of course, have a vast selection of beer.  Lots of great options and my husband and cousin tried a few different kinds.  I also tried their lime margarita which they have on tap.  They apparently have 8 “day of the dead” style glasses and if you’re lucky you’ll get your margarita served to you in one – super cute.   We also ordered some food.  We went with the crispy chicken sliders, the Hawaiian ahi poke and the fried pickles.  All great pub style food.  We enjoyed everything – pretty good.

When we were seated, we also put our names down for the upstairs patio.  Once we were done eating, we settled our bills and moved up to the top.  This patio is a completely different vibe.  I’ve been here a lot when this was the boathouse and I just love what Craft has done with the space.  They have a funky VW van bar in the corner that I love. With that decor and the beautiful view, it feels like you’re on vacation.  It definitely transports you away.

We ordered more food and drinks.  This time going with the kale margherita pizza and the house made ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  The food is pretty good here.

We loved the wait staff.  They are friendly and witty with great banter.  The service is terrific.

A few weeks later, the same group of us went back.  We brought an additional friend with us, eager to show her how great this spot is.  This time we started at the upstairs patio.  We ordered a lot of the same food as we were pretty happy before.  We also ordered burgers from Pigot’s Burger Bar which is a pop up take out restaurant that works out of Craft’s kitchen.  Although it’s not on the menu, you can order these burgers while you’re visiting Craft also.  I’ve previously done a review on them, which can be found here:  Pigot’s Burger Bar

We were having such a blast here, but they limit the amount of time you can stay as they turn around the tables in two hours.  So again, we put our name down for another table, this time inside, and once we were done we moved.

The inside part is yet another vibe.  Neon lights, sexy bar vibes.  We were all quite tipsy and having a blast here.  The bartender ended up stopping by our table with some free shots saying that it looked like we were having the most fun in the place and he loved to see it.  The staff here is amazing!

I love this place so much and I’m so happy that they’ve opened up so close to home.  Three different vibes to fit any mood you’re in!  It’s one of my new favorite spots for sure.