During my time in Oahu with my girlfriends, we decided to take on the hiking trail at Diamond Head State Monument. This popular hike draws tons of climbers every day as it offers you panoramic views of the beautiful coastline. The cost is $5 per car, cash only. You walk through a large tunnel to begin.  There is a bathroom and water fountain at the start of the trail.  A few givens – wear your sunscreen and bring some water.  It can get pretty hot out there. It was very busy on the day we did it, packed full of people making their way through.  The hike itself isn’t too difficult.  It can get pretty steep and uneven and there are lots of stairs to climb. Prepare yourself for a dark tunnel where you literally cannot see a thing. The hike took us about an hour to an hour and a half and we stopped to take photos along the way.  There are these lookout spots throughout the hike which are great photo ops. We were lucky to have been out there on a day where this rainbow kept popping up throughout our hike – just beautiful. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a shot of it at the start of the hike, but it was a memory I won’t soon forget.  The views from the top are rewarding and incredible – mountains, clouds, the ocean.  Hawaii, you are gorgeous.