Fried chicken and mac and cheese, two of my faves!  While I was scrolling through my social media I came across the instagram account for Fixins and was immediately drooling over their dishes.  Their menu has fried chicken, chicken sandwiches and specialty mac and cheeses.  With a menu that looks this delicious it was hard to choose what to order!

Fixins has been brought to us by the people that brought us Tap & Barrel and Brewhall.  There is no actual storefront and they do delivery only.

I’ve now ordered from Fixins a couple times.  My first time I went with the “So Fancy” which is mac and cheese with cheddar bechamel sauce, large chunks of lobster, truffle and a crumb topping.  I was feeling a little extra so I decided to give it a shot.  When you get past the first layer you get to the creamy part which is what usually pulls me in with mac and cheese.  That was my favorite part of the dish.  I also appreciate that they were generous with the larger chunks of lobster.  It was good, I enjoyed it.  It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but I’m a bit of a tough critic with mac and cheese (and fried chicken) being some of my favorite menu items.  I also found it to be a bit on the expensive side.  I understand that it’s lobster, but one order runs at $27.00.  I’ve had delicious lobster mac and cheese at other hot spots with the restaurant experience for about $20.00 give or take.  Since this is delivery only, by the time you add the service charge and tip you’re looking at around $40.00 for the one dish.  It’s great if you’ve got a hankering from something more lavish at home than your norm.

My second order was the 2 piece winner winner chicken dinner.  It’s two piece fried chicken (I got the spicy option).  It comes with slaw, pickles, ranch and a spicy honey.  I also added french fries and chicken gravy.  The chicken was moist (sorry I hate the word too, but it’s the best way to describe it) and yummy, although I did find it just slightly over spiced.  The spicy honey and ranch sauces were delicious.  The slaw was just a container of chopped purple cabbage and was a bit disappointing for me because I love me a good slaw.  The fries and gravy were amazing!  I can never finish french fries, but these tasted so perfect that they ended up being the first thing I polished off.

I would love if there was a fried chicken with a small side of mac and cheese as menu option.  With it being the two main dishes in their name it would be great to be able to order them in one meal.

Update:  I received a message from Fixins letting me know that they have an option for $4.00 to add mac and cheese to any meal.  They are also working on some new coleslaw recipes and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.