Frankie is a new take out/delivery only restaurant in Vancouver.  According to their Instagram account, a frankie is a type of Indian street food – a roti wrap or a Mumbai burrito.   They take this concept and put their own spin on it, elevating it to a whole other level.

This restaurant is owned by Chef Evan Elman and Chef Tushar Tondvalkar.  I’ve previously tried Chef’s Elman’s cooking at Dinner in the Sky and loved everything he prepared for us.  I also follow Chef Tondvalkar on Instagram and all his dishes look gorgeous.  When I saw that they had opened up this new spot I just knew I had to try whatever they came up with.

I tried the:

  • chicken tikka frankie – grilled chicken thighs marinated in garlic, ginger and house-made tikka in a roti wrap
  • lamb kebab frankie – grilled lamb kafta kebab mixed with house-ground spices in a roti wrap
  • piri piri fries – fries tossed in piri piri spices

The hubby and I split each wrap so we could try both kinds.  They were stuffed full of cabbage, garlic sauce, mint chutney, colorful pickled turnips and onions.  Every single bite was a burst of flavor – out of this world good!  I usually like to outline in my reviews what of the options I like best, but I can’t choose.  Both options were equally delicious and the fries were crispy and addictive.  I added on extra hot sauce and garlic sauce as an addition to our meals.

My husband Chris loved everything also.  He also mentioned that he liked how easy it was to eat.  He likes Indian food, but can find it a bit messy at times.  Having everything wrapped up made it easy for him to chow down while he was working on the computer.

I can’t wait to try more of their items in the future as well.  They have a butter chicken poutine that I have my eye on.

I would definitely recommend that you give Frankie a try.  You’ll thank me for it.