Toward the end of March, I contacted the Free Spirit Spheres to try to book a weekend in the “Melody” sphere for our anniversary in May.  Unfortunately, the spheres were booked up for the weekend of our anniversary.  However, when I was speaking with Tom (one of the owners), we got to talking about his latest sphere Luna and how it would be up and running most likely sometime in June.  With that in mind, I decided that it would be great to check out Luna as Tom described it as arguably the most luxurious of the spheres.  I booked it for the following long weekend after our anniversary, the Canada Day long weekend.

The spheres are located on Qualicum Beach and are quite easy to get to from downtown Vancouver.  You just need to take a ferry over to Nanaimo and then it’s a 45 minute drive from there.

We arrived at the property and were greeted by Jamie.  He took us up to the office sphere Gwyn (which was just the beginning, but already so freakin cool) where he gave us the lowdown on the property and answered our questions, then took us on a tour of the property and over to Luna.  Jamie was friendly and professional.  He was very down-to-earth and we both instantly liked him.

They had put a “happy anniversary” banner up for us on the exterior of Luna and Jamie explained that they decided to put it up for us because we were wanting to come up for our anniversary.  They’re so sweet.

I was blown away by my first impression of Luna.  How awesome!  It’s amazing the amount of detail that is put into making this astonishing things!  Luna was spacious enough for both of us (I’m 5’6 and my husband is 6’3), it has a sink, basic dishes, kettle, coffee/tea.  It has quite a bit of seating, electrical outlets, a hydraulic bed and wifi (although a bit spotty).  It has pretty much everything you need.  Again, I’m going to come back to the details.  Luna’s theme was the moon (obviously) and trees.  Once you bring down the bed, you can see that the ceiling has a round circular feature with moons and trees carved on it.  The bedspread has trees on it, even the column in the sphere kind of resembles a tree.  There are 5 windows in the sphere so you have a lookout from every angle.  The craftsmanship of these gorgeous spheres is truly incredible!  We were comfortable and cozy the entire weekend.

Right below our sphere was a compostable bathroom.  Now, I’ll admit I’m a bit prissy at times.  I’m not into using outhouses and can be a bit squeamish at the thought of them.  This was different.  This was cute and clean.  It smelled just of manure.  It has a little light switch built in.  Each of the compostable bathrooms have pencil crayons so you can draw on the walls.  With Luna being new, there was a relatively blank canvas.

Each sphere has it’s own clean and comfortable proper 3 piece bathroom a short walk away (perhaps 50 or so meters).

The bathhouse area is a communal area to share with the guests in the other spheres.  There’s plenty of seating, a barbeque and extra dishes.  There’s also a dry sauna which I used one of the days we were there.  It was very nice to use right before bed.

The property is pretty huge.  I loved exploring the grounds.  They’ve decorated with painted rocks with quotes and gnomes and other cute trinkets.  There are seating areas throughout so you can take a seat and just zen out if you’re enjoying the scenery.  Our sphere overlooked the beautiful pond and it was my most favorite place on the grounds.  Beautiful.  There was one morning where I woke up pretty early (6 am) and decided to walk over to the main bathroom.  Walking back to the sphere was perhaps my most favorite moment of the weekend (hmm maybe one of?  There were so many).  It was oh so quiet with the exception of the sounds of the ducks swimming in the pond and birds singing.  It was the most peaceful moment.  I walked back to the sphere smiling ear to ear.

There’s tons of wildlife to be found on the property.  There’s the ducks i mentioned earlier, deer, birds, behind our sphere there was a private property where you could catch glimpses of horses, and bats.  We also saw a nest of baby hummingbirds.  There are mosquitos, but we took our bug repellent and were fine.

You are 1/3 of the “hotel rooms” a.k.a. spheres on the property occupied.  You feel such privacy, but also well taken care of.  An enormous amount of care goes into making sure you feel comfortable.  When you arrive, you’ll find a welcome “snack”.  They say that breakfast is not included in your stay, but when I think of a free snack I think of the packs of peanuts or trail mix that you get when you’re on a plane – this snack fed us breakfast for three days (one of those days was when I was back in Vancouver as I took left overs to work).  They are incredibly generous with these welcome baskets.  They’re full of breakfast pastries, chocolate, cheese, fruit, wine.  You get a chocolate cheesecake and yogurt parfaits.  Wow!  Every interaction we had with Jamie, Anna and Rosie just felt so genuine.  Jamie gave us great recommendations for places to eat, directions, etc.  Anna helped us check out and scored us some extra cheese on the request of my husband (haha).  We met Rosie the night of Canada Day and Chris was talking to her about feeling patriotic.  She came back with a Canada pillow for him to rest his head on.  These people are just friendly, genuine, hospitable folks.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Tom as he was away for a wedding, but I admire his talent greatly.  I was in awe of these spheres.

Our weekend was full of quiet reflection, reading, sketching, taking in nature and unplugging from the rest of the world.  We dubbed it our weekend of zen.  On Canada Day in the evening it began to rain very hard.  It was one of the most memorable moments.  Hearing the rain come down while laying in the sphere was so relaxing.  It was like having a live sleep machine.

This is the most incredible experience.  It’s one I would highly recommend!  I felt that the two days went by so quick.  If you can, stay for two nights!  My hubby is already talking about when we’ll get to go back.  You’ll come back clear headed and rejuvenated.