With B.C.’s public health order in full effect over Christmas, the holidays looked a bit different for all of us this year.  With no large social gatherings, my husband and I opted to order in Christmas dinner for two instead of cooking a huge meal.  We thought it was a great way to  support local and get a delicious dinner without all the work to create a full holiday menu for just us.

We decided on Glowbal for our dinner.  We were excited when reading the menu.  It was $135 and it included so much!  Purchasing was easy online and we signed up for a designated pick-up time.  Everything was packed perfectly, with dressings and sauces separate.  The items meant to be put in the oven for half an hour before serving were in a separate oven-friendly baking tray.  There were so many cute little desserts and pastries included.

I did need to give them a quick call as none of the sauces and dressings were labelled and I wanted a better understanding of what we were eating.  They were very helpful on the phone.

We started our meal with the honey roasted butternut squash soup.  Creamy comfort in a bowl with a touch of sweetness.

Next were the salads.  There was a romaine wedge salad and a sherry glazed beet and kale salad.  I wasn’t particularly blown away by the wedge salad, but the beet and kale salad was not bad.  We were sent two different kinds of dressing and I really enjoyed the lemon dressing.

We had both turkey and steak as our mains.  I love that Glowbal included both of these as proteins for the dinner – made it feel like a special Christmas feast.  They were so tasty and the gravy and sirloin sauces that accompanied them were just divine.  We also received some yummy garlic mashed potatoes and a small portion of roasted winter vegetables.  They were all great.

I was very disappointed with two factors.  One – on their menu they list their brussels sprouts with capers and parmesan as a dinner side.  When looking through menus, I mentioned to my husband how we should choose Glowbal because the brussels sprouts are one of my favorite dishes at Glowbal Group restaurants.  Unfortunately, we received three brussels sprouts in total.  I feel that they should have just kept it as part of their winter vegetables instead of listing this as a menu item on their own.  Two – I love stuffing, but they included just a very little bit on the tray.  It was delicious and I wish there was more.  I would have loved if they scrapped one of the salads (the wedge) and gave us a bit more stuffing instead.  That being said, I do appreciate that we got some even though they did not list it on the menu.

They knocked dessert out of the park.  We received a variety of hand crafted, little desserts.  They were as cute as they were delicious.

Overall, the meal was pretty good and I appreciated having a nice Christmas dinner without putting in any of the work.