For my husband’s birthday this year we went over to Maan Farms in Abbotsford for Goat Yoga.

I pre-purchased tickets on their website.  There were different options such as a wine and goat yoga or full moon goat yoga.  I opted for the goat yoga with strawberry cloud ice cream.

Upon arrival, we walked in to the shop to check in.  We were asked to scan a barcode to fill out a waiver online.  After I scanned it in I was asked (in not a friendly manner) to move.  There was a problem with the waiver so I tried to explain to the two girls manning the register, but they seemed confused as well.  They called to another staff member who came up to me and repeated instructions on how to fill out the form. I explained again that it wasn’t working.  There was no real response, just confusion and blank stares.  My husband suggested maybe we sign a paper waiver and they said they would ask the owners.  They never came back to us and we didn’t end up signing a waiver.

The service here wasn’t the best.  The staff is all quite young. It gives me “teen summer job” vibes.  Nothing wrong with that, but for our first impression, it felt like they weren’t really into helping much. They were just doing the bare minimum.  That being said, it didn’t take away from the rest of the experience for us.

The owner came to greet us and led us to a grassy fenced off area.  Tons of cute little baby goats were waiting in the area for us to join them.  We set up our mats and were told some background on the farm.  The owner explained that they were having a pretty busy day with lots happening including a wedding – that could be another reason why the service upon our arrival was so frazzled.  There was a “goat whisperer” that watched over the goats or came over if someone was struggling with a goat trying to chew through their things, etc.  He put down some food in front of everyone’s mats so the goats would come for a visit.

We were then introduced to Lindsay, our yoga instructor for the class.  Lindsay led us through a great yoga class.  The class was for all levels – suitable for beginners.  It was very relaxing.  The goats came and visited us during the class.  There was one that took a great liking to Chris and I and spent about a full half of the class with us.  They are soooo cute!  You really get to bond with the goats.  They are pretty inquisitive creatures chewing your clothes, your fingers, etc.  We got tons of pictures and videos.

I did have moments where I wondered if we were being annoying or disrespectful to the instructor when your attention is more on the goats than the yoga, but I’m sure they’re used to it.

It was a scorcher of a day while we were out there.  I would highly recommend that you bring lots of water and a towel.  Also, expect to get dirty.

The goats were pretty quiet during the class, but when we were leaving they actually started shouting like they were sad we were leaving.  It was heartbreaking.

Our experience included a free strawberry cloud ice cream – the perfect ending on this super hot day.  It is something else – so Instagrammable!  Strawberry soft serve in a cone with a fresh strawberry served with a cloud of cotton candy illuminating it.

You could tell that the strawberries were fresh!  Sooo good and rich.  Perhaps the best strawberry ice cream I’d ever had.

Overall, we had a wonderful time.  We’re both still talking about our experience.