If you’re looking for some romance when in Scottsdale, you should definitely check out the Gondola Boat rides at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch.

Surprisingly enough, not a lot of locals seem to know about the Gondola rides.  When we went to Scottsdale we asked our hotel concierge about it and several taxi drivers, but no one seemed to know what we were talking about.  We were even told that it didn’t exist, but we decided to go and see for ourselves and made our way down to the Hyatt.

First of all, this hotel is gorgeous.  It’s a huge property and when we went there  seemed to be a lot going on.  There were live singers, a very busy lobby bar, and a beautiful grotto outside.  I can’t speak to the service if you’re looking into staying there, but it’s gorgeous.

We were directed to where we could purchase a pass for the boat road.  Tickets were $10.00.  I believe if you are dining at the Italian restaurant at the Hyatt, the ride is complimentary.  They split you into groups and load the gondola’s accordingly.  The wait wasn’t long at all.  The gondolas are authentically handcrafted Italian boats.  We were ushered on with several other couples.  The man-made waterways are simply stunning.  The professional gondoliers are also classically trained singers…and once they start serenading – wow!  It is so incredibly romantic gliding through the river, with the stars lighting up the night sky above you and listening to the gondolier sing.  It was a lovely experience that we both enjoyed.  

The video below is not clear at all because it was so dark, but I wanted to share some audio with you all so you could hear the beautiful singing: