Grey Goose Smooth Putt is an event that’s on in Vancouver from August 28 to September 6.  It’s a 9 hole mini golf course.  Tickets are $21 each and include a Grey Goose beverage.

My husband and I met up with a couple friends for a double date on opening night.

The mini golf is set up in the east parking lot of Waterfront station.  As odd as that may sound, I think they did an amazing job of transforming the parking lot into something really special.

At check in, we did a little covid questionnaire on our phones and our temperatures were checked.  We waited in line for about ten to fifteen minutes before we got in.

Once we got in, we were presented with the golf balls and clubs and our score cards and were seated at a table while our drink orders were taken.  We got some free kettle chips as well.  We sat and chatted and took some pics while we waited for the first hole to open up.

The course was really fun with each hole getting a bit more difficult the higher we went.  If you’re done with your hole and the next one is still being used, you do have to wait around until it’s done, but to be honest we were having so much fun that we didn’t really mind.  However, most of the groups were in couples while we were a group of 4.  We each took our turns individually which took a bit longer than the couples and felt at times that we were holding people up.  If you’re someone that may feel pressured to rush through, then I would recommend going in a duo rather than a larger group.  For me, I absolutely love that we did a group of 4.  It was a really fun double date idea.  We were told we could order more drinks at hole 4 which we did.  The drinks were delicious.  The service was great.  Staff even came around to take polaroids of us that we got to take home.  There are port-a-potties there if you need to use the restroom.  Our whole experience lasted about an hour and twenty minutes.  We had such a blast.