Chris and I decided to do a kayaking tour during our weekend stay in Harrison.  Harrison Eco Tours is located at the Harrison Resort and Spa. We did the 2 hour kayaking tour which was great for all levels of experience.  We chose a dual kayak.  Our kayak was difficult to turn and at first we chalked it up to our level of experience.  About 1/3 of the way through our tour when we were trailing further behind the group we asked one of our two tour guides about it and he took a look and noticed that there was something wrong with the pedal.  After some coaching, we figured out a way to manually use the kayak and although at times we were a bit slower than the rest of the group, we got pretty good at it.  For the times we were trailing behind, one of the tour guides rode along side us giving us somewhat of a private tour  (bonus!) and sharing all his knowledge.  The energy when we were with the whole group was awesome – laughs, excitement and serenity.  Harrison Lake is stunning.  I was surprised by the parts with turquoise waters.  There’s something so peaceful about being out there.  Despite our malfunctioning kayak, we had a fantastic day and the tour guides were great.  They gave clear instructions so we were able to manage with the broken kayak and shared tons of knowledge with us.  Great experience!