My hubby and I decided to drive up to do this hike.  We drove up pretty early and the parking lots were still almost completely full by the time we got there.

This hike consists of three levels with three beautiful, pristine lakes that sparkle with magic at each stop.  I would say its a pretty easy hike, with the second of the three levels being the most steep with intermediate sections.  The hike is well worth it.  You’ll be in disbelief at how gorgeous the views are.

I was absolutely in awe of the gorgeous turquoise lakes – so stunning!

It’s important to wear proper shoes, bring a snack, mosquito repellent and go to the bathroom before you begin.  The biggest challenge is parking as Joffre Lake draws in big crowds on a clear day.


Disclaimer: my visit to Joffre Lake was prior to the pandemic.  I would recommend reviewing for all up to date information on trail closures or restrictions.