The hubster and I went over to Chinatown for a date night tonight and decided that we would check out Juke Fried Chicken.  This restaurant does not take reservations.  There was a bit of a crowd waiting outside which I usually take as a good sign.  We were told it was about a half hour wait and the wait was exactly a half hour. We were seated in the center of the restaurant.  There’s a good vibe in this restaurant.  Everywhere I looked people were smiling – the staff and the patrons. The cocktails seemed to be named after songs (Juke Box?) which is an awesome conversation piece.  Chris and I went through the cocktail menu seeing what songs we recognized. I ordered a “starboy” and it was very tasty.  For dinner Chris ordered the fried chicken and I went with the spicy boyz, which is fried chicken drenched in hot sauce.  Each order of fried chicken comes with a side of Asian slaw.  We also ordered some fried brussels sprouts to share.  The food came out to us quite quickly.  Juke’s chicken is free range chicken with a gluten free batter. Ohhh ehhhm geee, this chicken is sooo good.  The batter was super crunchy and the chicken was juicy.  We had ordered the honey mustard and ranch dipping sauces on the suggestion of the waitress.  We barely used the sauce.  The chicken is great on its own.  The Asian slaw was topped with peanuts.  It was different from any slaw I’ve had before and it’s inspired me to add peanuts to slaws I make at home in the future.  It was just delicious.  The brussels sprouts were good also, but in my opinion nothing too special.  I will mention that because it is a small restaurant, the seating is very close together.  It almost felt like we were seated with the couple next to us as we could hear their conversation and vice versa I’m sure.   There was a hip ambiance and the service was top notch.  By the end of the night Chris and I were debating whether or not it was the best fried chicken we’ve ever had. I’m going to have to go with yes.  We learned that Juke’s also serves brunch. I loved dinner so much that I can’t wait to come back and try brunch very soon.