I had a chance to sample from this food truck when it was a participant of Dine out Vancouver Street Food Fest at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  I wasn’t starving, but I was dying to sample a snack so I got in line with many, many other people.  This was easily one of the longest lines at the fest while I was there. 

I opted for the Malaysia chicken satay.  It’s served with rice, salad and peanut sauce.  I decided to forgo the rice because I was hoping for more of a snack rather than a full meal.  

The chicken was deliciously spiced.  The salad was good.  It was nothing spectacular, but it was good.  It was lightly dressed with a sweet and tangy dressing.  The star of the dish for me was the peanut sauce.  Flavorful, thick and creamy, with minced crunchy nuts.  Yum!!

Can’t wait to try more of their offerings. 

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