I previously wrote a review on the Key Nutrients Lemonade Electrolytes.  Well this time, I got to try out the orange flavor.

So first a little background on electrolytes – Electrolytes are minerals found in our bodies that help to keep our systems functioning properly.  The right amount of electrolytes in our system is needed for optimal health.  There are several ways that you could lose these minerals in your body and one of those ways is intense exercise.  When this happens you start to feel dehydrated.

Key Nutrients is a delicious beverage enriched with electrolytes that have zero sugar, carbs and calories. Great for all my keto peeps as it’s sweetened with stevia.

I’ve incorporated their electrolytes as a part of my fitness routine now and I was super excited to be trying a new flavor.  I loved changing it up and getting that punch of orange.  It was really tasty! Extra bonuses are that it contains 6 essential electrolytes and it’s formulated with 12 additional vitamins and minerals.  Yummy and good for you!  I highly recommend!