Marshmallows.  You know, I’ve always thought they were good, but I never knew that marshmallows could be any more than just marshmallows…but then I tried the ones from Lolly’s Baking.  They are so, so good.  Next level!
Lolly’s Baking is a family owned company from 100 Mile House.  They offer different dessert bars, brownies and marshmallows.  They actually have made over a 100 different flavors of gourmet marshmallows – extremely impressive.  I had the privilege of trying out a couple options from their holiday drop.   I got to try:
  • eggnog
  • sugar cookie
 They were soft, fluffy and delicious. The sugar cookie one even has bits of sugar cookie crumbles on top.  So creative!
When I got these I had loads of plans for them.  I thought it would be cool to try to make rice crispy squares and make s’mores indoors.  I also wanted to save some for a Christmas themed sundae bar as a topping, but I started snacking on these and they are so addictive! I finished the bags before I got a chance to get super creative, haha.  I did get a chance to try them as a hot cocoa topping and let me tell you, that was a match made in heaven.
You need to get your hands on a bag!  Your taste buds will thank you!
Thank you Julia and Lolly’s Baking for letting me try these out!  #supportlocal