The hubby and I went on a date night over to the Vancouver Convention Centre to the Michelangelo art exhibit.

When we arrived, we were told at the entrance that the ceiling art was replicated into life size pieces and put in the same order as they were in the Sistine Chapel.  It was quite extraordinary to be face to face with each painting and see all of the detail.

Michelangelo used his paintings to tell a story at a time when there weren’t comic books or movies.  He told the stories from the bible and it was quite wonderful to see his vision.

It was interesting that some of the pieces were very peaceful and including depictions of God and then on the other end of the spectrum some of them were very grim.

If you’re someone who has been to the recent immersive shows like Van Gogh and Picasso at the Vancouver Convention Centre, this show is more of a gallery layout and is not immersive.  If you are an art lover, it is a great one to check out.