My husband is a huge fan of meat pies.  We were starving as we were walking back home from english bay and saw Peaked Pies and decided to grab some for take-out.  It’s a small, cozy, cute shop.  They offer lots of unique pie combinations.  We picked up a couple pies and decided to try them fully “peaked” which means you get it topped with mashed potatoes, gravy and mushy green peas.  We also got some lamington cake.  We took all of it to go. but you can eat in also.   I chose the chunky steak and mushroom pie.  It was delicious and hearty.  The crust is nice and flaky.  They know how to do a pie crust that’s for sure.   It’s the ultimate comfort food.  My husband is an even bigger fan than me as he’s been back numerous times.  I absolutely loved the lamingtons.  My sister made this cake every year when I was younger and it was almost as good as hers.  Yum!