I met my girlfriends for weekend brunch to celebrate a birthday.  We went over to Per Se Social Corner.

This restaurant is absolutely beautiful.  From the greenery outside to the beautiful wood interior, the extravagant bar and funky light fixtures.  It looks super high end and I was impressed.

I got the avocado and sourdough – which is simply sourdough bread slices with sliced avocado on top.  I added two poached eggs.  It also comes with a salad.  I added a side of crispy goat cheese.  One of my friends got the same, but added bacon.  We both found the avo-toast to be under seasoned and requested salt and pepper to add.  Otherwise, it was pretty good. I loved, loved, loved the crispy goat cheese.  They were two small goat cheese balls.  I could have eaten a million of those.  Wish I ordered more.

My other friend ordered the brunch bravas – double cooked Spanish potatoes, poached eggs, spicy marinara topped with hollandaise, smoked paprika and aioli.  She loved it.

So one thing I wasn’t a fan of here – when I made the reservation online I was asked if it was a special occasion.  I put in that it was a birthday.  I guess in my head, I think that if they know, then they usually do something special.  Most restaurants bring out a dessert or a glass of champagne or something.  I’ve even received cards at restaurants before.  At the very least they say happy birthday to acknowledge it.  Towards the end of the meal there was nothing said or brought out so I asked the server if they do anything because we were celebrating my friend’s birthday.  Her response was “we don’t have candles”.  It came with a look of annoyance in my opinion.  It made me feel kind of weird and embarrassed.  I don’t understand why that is asked on the reservation questionnaire online if the restaurant doesn’t offer any way to make it special.

My friends and I agreed that our server wasn’t overall that friendly.  I also waited a long time for water refills when the restaurant was not very full.

The restaurant is still gorgeous and I would love to check it out for dinner sometime.  The dinner menu looks great.  Hopefully service will be better next time.