I heard about a new pop up in my neighborhood for the summer, Pigot’s Burger Club.

So first things first, the name is pronounced “peejho”.  I completely butchered the name and was a bit embarrassed hearing just how off I was.  I called them “pig-ott”, ugh so off.

This is a ghost kitchen, so it’s not a sit down restaurant.  You can order it for pick-up or on food delivery services such as Uber Eats.  They work out of the Craft Beer Market English Bay kitchen.  Great option to pick up and take to the beach.

I recently learned that we could order it for dine in at Craft.  I was there with some friends so that’s what I did.  We ordered tons of things from Craft too so we just ordered two cheeseburgers to share between four of us (cut in half).  I regretted this decision.  The next morning I was so sad that I only got half of that delicious burger.  My husband felt the same way, so we ordered the burger again – one for each of us this time with a side of tots.

  • Single Cheese Burger – Pigot’s secret sauce, American cheese, brown sugar onions on a butter toasted potato roll.  I thought this burger was pretty damn good.  The bun, the patty, the sauce – all of it together is just yum.  We thought it was going to be pretty messy judging from the pictures on social media – and maybe that’s the case for the double and triple burgers.  For me, the single cheese burger was just right.  The ingredients used are of the best quality.  This was definitely a gourmet burger in my eyes.
  • Side Tots – so crisp on the outside.  These were good.

For all you vegetarians out there, they also offer plant based versions of the burgers.

From what I understand Pigot’s is only here for the summer months. Get em’ while they’re here.