When I visited Edmonton our hotel was very close to a cafe called Remedy.  The tagline under the sign said “Be Spicy, Drink Chai”.  Now I love me some good chai so I had to check it out.  I popped in on my afternoon stroll.

The cafe is large, yet cozy at the same time.  It’s bright with tons of seating.  They have a huge selection of drinks.  They offer lunch and dinner.  They have desserts.  They offer halal, gluten free, dairy free and vegan options.

I mentioned to the woman behind the counter that it was my first time visiting and she was super helpful and friendly.  I ended up ordering the ginger chai and the samosa.  The chai was exceptionally delicious.  The samosa was a great quick snack and it was only $2 so I loved the price point.

This place is just super chill.  A great place to sit with a book and enjoy your chai.  I’m making a beeline for Remedy next time I’m back in Edmonton.  Loved it!