It was my friend’s birthday so a few of us went over to Sala Thai to enjoy dinner.

This restaurant definitely reminds me of Thailand with the decor.  It’s a very nice atmosphere.  The staff  even wears traditional clothing.

The service was slow and to be quite honest, just meh.  Not memorable in any real way.  They weren’t overly friendly, but they weren’t rude.  It seemed to be a bit on the slow side.

I ordered the coco-jito to drink.  It’s their house made lemongrass mint infused rum, with Malibu rum and coconut cream and lime juice.  I liked it!  It was very yummy.

For my meal I had the beef pa-naeng curry with coconut rice.  It was good.  It wasn’t blow me away amazing, but it was good food. I was satisfied with my meal.   I would come here again if I was craving Thai food as it’s close to home.