My hubby and I had pre-booked our zoom zipline from home before we arrived in Vegas.  We chose the 10:30 p.m. time slot on one of the nights.  We went over to Fremont Street about a half an hour early to check it out. It was fantastic and we made mental notes of all the things we would do after our zipline.  We went over to check in and stand in line. We stood in the line for an hour and a half.  That is a long time when you’ve pre-booked your ticket.  I don’t understand the way this system works.  Perhaps if you just spontaneously decided to do it then the line makes sense, but we chose a time that would work for us.  We were getting irritated and annoyed.  We made the decision to leave and lose out on our pre-payment (we were that annoyed) so they bumped us to the front of the line.  The zipline was great fun, but really short.  An hour and a half wait for a minute of zooming above a crowd.  To be honest, even as cool as it was, I would not recommend it.  By the time we were done, we were tired from just standing around for an hour and a half and a lot of the things we wanted to do afterwards got thrown out the window.

Just as a side note, even though I wasn’t a fan of the wait for the zipline, I would highly recommend that you go check out Fremont Street.  It’s a must do in Vegas.