One of my best friends took me to Seymour Mountain to treat me to a Sunday Funday of snowshoeing.  Her and I had previously taken part in a snowshoeing tour on Cypress Mountain and opted to venture out on our own this time.

We drove up to Parkgate Community Centre in North Vancouver.  There we found parking nearby and took a shuttle up to the mountain.  There and back, the shuttle cost was $10.

Upon arrival, you’re dropped off close to the rental office.  On weekends the office is open from 9 to 430.  They have little ipads set up for you to sign a waiver before you get in line.  Rental for an adult is $28.00 and includes the cost of the trail, if you have your own snowshoes you pay only for the cost of the trail which I believe is $10.50.

The staff at the rental office were very helpful in explaining the correct way to put on the snowshoes and showing us the best trail for us to do being beginners and having a limited amount of time.

The trail we did was pretty easy, yet it still felt like we got a bit of a workout.  The trail was well marked and we came across a few “you are here” signs on the way to keep us from getting lost.  On this day it wasn’t too busy, but I hear we got lucky in that department.  We were rewarded throughout with stunning views (man, we live in a gorgeous place!) and the peace and quiet of the mountain.

The beautiful winter scenery and the clarity a quiet afternoon snowshoeing offers makes this a definite to do in my books!