I had been seeing birria tacos all over my instagram and my mouth watered every time I saw them.  Tonight, I didn’t feel like cooking and thought it was the perfect night to try them.  I did a search on uber eats and came across Tacomio.  I ordered the quesabirrias and my husband got the quesadillas.  We also ordered the house made chips and a couple sides of guacamole.

I loved the presentation of the food.  The quesadilla presentation was especially impressive.  It arrived in it’s own box with little containers of salsa and sour cream fit into the box.

The quessabirrias were ahhh-mazing!  Oh my goodness, sooo delicious.  The tacos are filled with shredded beef stew and melted cheese, you dip it into a consomé before eating.  The combination of these flavors are just an explosion in your mouth.  So good!  I loved the guac as well.  For me the lemon was prevalent in the guacamole, but in the best way.  My husband said “so good” several times while chowing down on his quesadillas. He was happy with the generous portion size as well.

We were so impressed with the food that while we were eating we were talking about when we would be able to head over to Tacomio to try more menu items.  That day can’t come soon enough.

Update:  Since this review was written, we’ve ordered Taco Mio again.  This time I went for the Supreme Birria.  This is a giant wrap folded following the viral tortilla challenge.  It’s packed with everything that is in the birria tacos, but adds the addition  of pinto beans and corn crisps.  It is also served with a consomé.  It was yummy and ginormous.  I think I personally prefer the birria tacos more, but still pretty freakin delicious!