Tacomio has added a few new menu items for the summer.  I got to try them out and they’ve done it again!  Delish!

  • Hibinade drink – I was so excited when I saw this drink!  It’s colorful, fun and super instagrammable.  It’s a slushy lemonade drink with their house made cane sugar syrup and hibiscus foam.  They serve it with a rainbow candy belt wrapped around the straw!  Ca-uuuute!  It’s very refreshing.  The perfect summer treat on a hot day.
  • Pollo a las brasas taco – the most flavorful grilled chicken thighs in a grilled flour tortilla, with a jalapeno slaw, full green onions and salsa.  I really enjoyed these tacos.  It just screams summertime for me with all those grill marks on them.  They are a bit on the spicy side.  My hubby thought they were tasty, but couldn’t quite handle the heat.  If you like spicy foods like I do, you gotta try it out.
  • Crispy Churritos – Don’t judge me, but I ate them in one sitting.  They are so delicious and addictive.  They’re crunchy, crispy and covered in cinnamon and sugar.  Tacomio serves them with a side of a kahlua dulce de leche sauce that I could chug.  Sooo goood!

My hubby and I were recently in Mexico.  While we were there we did this taco tour (review coming soon) and tried out the best local eats.  At every stop we found ourselves bringing up Tacomio.  We felt it was comparable or better than the dishes we tried.  It is truly authentic, but they put their own elevated spin on everything.  It is my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Vancouver.  If you haven’t tried them out yet, you definitely should!  I highly recommend it!