One morning I woke up with a really strong craving for Boulevard’s delicious cornbread.  More often than not, I try to eat keto or low carb (I group my cheats or tastings together).  This craving came in the midst of me being full on keto.  I waited for the feeling to pass, but it didn’t so I started browsing Switch Grocery’s website and came across Good Dee’s Corn Free Bread Low Carb Baking Mix.  I decided I needed to try it and put in my order.

When my order arrived (I ordered several items), I baked the corn(free) bread the same evening.  I could not wait to try it!

This bread mix is grain free, sugar free, gluten free and wheat free.  It was really easy to prepare.  You need eggs, butter and apple cider vinegar – things that I normally have on hand anyways.  I added jalapeno peppers and shredded cheddar to make a jalapeno cheddar corn (free) bread.

This was pretty delicious.  The texture of the bread was spot on and the taste was great.  It obviously wasn’t as sweet as cornbread normally is, but that’s a given when it’s sugar free.  It was pretty close though!  I love it warmed up with butter.  This definitely satisfied my craving!