I first tried Beaver Tails quite a few years ago up in Whistler.  It’s fried dough in the shape of a beaver’s tail and topped with sweet toppings.  At that time, I ordered the classic, which is cinnamon and sugar.  I was in love.  It took years before I came across it again, but I found it at the P.N.E. and I ordered it again in cinnamon and sugar – so good!  A year later, I went back to Whistler excited to have it yet again and was so disappointed when I learned they had closed down.  Earlier this year, I learned that Beaver Tails has a food truck and that you can follow them on facebook to see where they are.  I’ve been doing that, but I haven’t seen them come downtown yet.  So hard to get them up here in Vancouver!

I recently travelled to Montreal.  Before I got there, I randomly decided to look up if they have a Beaver Tail store front and I was so happy to learn that they have like a trillion locations there!  I was so excited to reunite with this delectable dessert.

Once I arrived in Montreal, I saw a Beaver Tails store front on practically every corner.  I saw more Beaver Tails then I did Starbucks.

This time I ordered the triple trip.  It has chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter and Reese’s pieces.

You know how when you haven’t something in a really long time, it’s possible to remember it much better in your head than it is?  Like you romanticize it and then when you finally try it again it’s not close to how good you think it is?  Well, this was not one of those cases.  This was better than I remembered it.  Piping hot fried dough with melted nutella and a drizzle of peanut butter and topped with crunchy Reese’s pieces.  Every bite was delicious.  It was one of the foodie highlights of my trip.

In a way it’s probably a good thing that these are not that easily accessible to me in Vancouver.  I literally could eat a couple of these a week lol.  It’s a dangerous thing.  However, I can’t wait until it crosses my path again and I get to have my next one.