We have been extremely blessed this last week with day after day of sun!  My hubby and I decided to explore a bit so we made our way down to Pacific Regional Park.

The Park is about a 20 minute drive from downtown Vancouver, pretty close to UBC.  It’s covered in forest and offers a series of trails.

We arrived at the entrance (I think there may be more than one) at Chancellor Boulevard.  There’s a restroom there and an information center with brochures. trail info and maps.

We decided to follow some of the trails.  We started at the East Canyon trail.  It eventually connected to the Admiralty trail.  The whole journey was flat with the exception of a small section that had wide steps.  It was mostly through forestry.  We eventually came across an area where there were pretty views of Acadia Beach.  We were done in under an hour and walked over to the Beach to hang out there for a bit.

I love exploring locally and this was no different.  It is beautiful, but I think living near the Stanley Park trails spoiled me a bit because I was a bit underwhelmed by the trail route we did.