“Me Want Cookie!”

YVR Cookie has a brand new limited flavor – the Cookie Monster Cookie!

Blue cookies and creme dough loaded with Oreo cookies and milk chocolate chunks.  It’s filled with an edible chocolate chip cookie dough (OMG!!) and topped with the best chocolate cookie crunch.  As I’m typing this out my mouth is watering again.

These cookies are so delectable!  I loved every single bite.  Ooh that chocolate chip cookie dough center is something else – so yummy!  I also love the cookie crunch topping (think DQ ice cream cake crust).

Let’s talk about the look of these cookies – they really do look like cookie monster cookies!  Such a vibrant blue!  How fun and creative!

If you haven’t tried YVR Cookie yet, you are missing out!  I highly recommend that you try them asap!  They offer a huge selection of flavors including seasonal flavors that change often.  Their cookies are massive and soooo good!  Pop em’ in the microwave and they taste like they’re straight out of the oven!

I don’t know how YVR Cookie keeps coming up with these amazing flavor combinations, but I’m so thrilled that they do.


Thank you YVR Cookie and Monique for sending me these cookies to try.