Grotto Spa has been voted #1 Spa in Canada.  I  decided I needed to go check it out for myself.  My husband and I headed over to Parksville for a summer weekend away and booked a couples massage at the spa.

Upon arrival we were greeted, then escorted to the locker rooms (his and hers).  The women’s locker room was equipped with hand lotion, q-tips and so on, but my husband noted that the men’s locker room did not offer as many amenities.  We locked up our items and got into our robes and were instructed to proceed to the lounge where we helped ourselves to beverages and fruit.

When it was time for our massage, we were led to this big beautiful room with a bathtub and a fireplace.

My massage was just okay.  I asked for an increase in pressure maybe 3 times.  My husband thought his massage was fine.  I’ve heard him describe massages with a bit more enthusiasm in the past, so I think although it was good it just didn’t stand out for him.

We then went over to the grotto/pool area.  It is pretty nice, although maybe a bit small.

Although I had a nice time overall, I’ve been to many spas in Canada that were quite far above this one.  I was actually disappointed because I was expecting to be blown out of the water, but I wasn’t.

If you’re in the Parksville area, it is a great way to spend the day, but maybe don’t go in with sky high expectations like I did.

Disclaimer:  Please note that our visit was before the pandemic.  Spa experience may have changed since then.