During our trip to Qualicum Beach, we were recommended the taco shack “Tidal Tacos” as a great place to get eats.  We drove down and noticed the shack on the side of the road and pulled in.  It’s located right beside the ocean and the view is magnificent.  They have picnic tables set up so you can chill out and enjoy the view while you eat.  They offer each of their options as either a taco or a burrito.  Be prepared for a bit of a wait.  We made our order and we were told it was a 35 minute wait, so we ran a few other errands in the area and came back.  Keep in mind these tacos are of the “american-mexican” variety, so don’t expect authentic mexican cuisine.  The menu is simple and delicious with fresh ingredients.  I ordered the sweet thai chicken taco and the coconut chili prawn tacos.  Chris went with the beef, black bean and corn taco and the baja style fish burrito.  I also ordered a Barq’s cream soda, which i didn’t know existed!  It tasted like marshmallow soda.  The food was amazing with generous portions and the view was to die for.  There’s this vibe that time doesn’t matter.  Perhaps it’s the small town feel, no rush or urgency – the 35 minute wait was no sweat like it might be in the city, especially being able to wait ocean side and/or people watch.  We loved this place so much that we came back again the next day.  It was only a 15 minute wait this time and the food was still just as delicious.  If you’re in the area, it’s worth checking out.