My hubby and I had a double date with another couple in Gastown.  After our activity, we started wandering around looking for a place to have dinner.

I had checked out The Flying Pig before with a few girlfriends.  I remember having to wait for a while back then and since then I’ve tried to come back numerous times and there’s always been a long wait.  I was so sure we were going to be turned away, so I was so pleasantly surprised when they said that they were going to be clearing a table outside and we could be seated right away.

Let’s get right to the goods.  I had:

  • Monkey’s Choice – this was my cocktail.  It has bumbu rum, flor de caña 12 year old rum, sweet vermouth, pineapple and star anise bitters.  Brûléed banana.  When I originally ordered this, I though that the banana was going to be a flavoring in the cocktail, but it was actually served with a caramelized banana.  It was much more fancy than I expected and it was strong.  I liked!
  • Salt and Pepper Humboldt Squid – delicious calamari with lemon and dill yogurt.  Crispy and well seasoned.  So good.
  • Red Wine Braised Beef Short Rib – roasted bone marrow, aged white cheddar mash, cabernet veal jus.  This was really freakin good!  The short rib was delicious and I love, love, loved the white cheddar mash.  I wish there was more of it!  A bit stingy on the serving size of that lol.  I could have eaten a big bowl of just that.

My friends ordered the West Coast Seafood Paella and they liked it also.

The service wasn’t very memorable  – I would describe it as mediocre at best.  The seating outside wasn’t the best either, wobbly.  The last time I came I was seated indoors and I think I would opt to sit there again next time.

The food was pretty damn good.