For one of our date nights this past summer, we made our way over to try out the Holy Crab.  Excited about the new-ish restaurant that opened in the area that offered “louisiana  seafood boil” options, we were ready for a down and dirty seafood meal.  I’ve always heard about the restaurants where they dump the seafood on the table for you to dig into, but I hadn’t seen or experienced it in downtown Vancouver before. I welcomed a new kind of dining experience happily.  The restaurant offers a casual vibe and decor.  I loved the chalkboard walls with instructions for de-shelling your seafood.  There were throw away paper tablecloths and meals were offered in parchment paper.  You’re presented with plastic gloves and for camera happy people like myself, they offer selfie sticks to make it easier to take photos in all your messiness.  We ordered beers, bisque, lobster rolls, corn and some crab legs.  We thought it would be plenty (especially for the prices), but we were a bit disappointed when we received three crab legs for the very high price.  We made our way through and ended up ordering lobster as we were still starving.  The service was awesome, the food was delicious and it was a fun vibe that made for a great, albeit messy, date night.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a first date, but it was awesome.  The downside is that I didn’t think the prices matched the vibe.  I found it to be too expensive for the casual atmosphere offered.