The Lobster Man is a small seafood shop on Granville Island.  The hubby and I decided to go check it out on a sunny Saturday while we were exploring the area.

They offer a selection of fresh items that include crab, lobster, oysters, shrimp, etc.

We chose the crab and the lobster that we wanted and they cooked it for us on site (although you can also just take it home and cook it on your own).  We wandered around the market and came back about half an hour later to pick it up.  We opted to take it to go, but they do have a few seats out front if you’d like to eat it there.  If you’re going to eat it there, they charge 25 cents per small packet of butter.

We took it home and I whipped up some melted garlic butter to go with it.  It was absolutely divine!  Fresh and meaty.

An important thing to keep in mind is the last cook time is 4:45 p.m. so if you want to go with the option for them to cook it for you make sure to get there before then.

Not too long after our first experience with The Lobster Man, I was searching Uber Eats for a lunch option and I noticed that they were listed!  On their Uber Eats menu they offer Lobster and Crab rolls.  The hubby and I decided to order a couple of the lobster rolls.  I went with the Connecticut style lobster roll with chunky lobster meat poached in warm butter and served on a toasted brioche bun.  Christopher ordered the Maine style lobster roll with chunky lobster meat, miso mayonnaise, celery and fresh dill also on a toasted brioche bun.  Both options were served with chips.  Both of them were absolutely delicious.  They really made the lobster the star without overpowering it in an excessive amount of sauces or seasonings.  The brioche bun was large, toasted, sweet, delicious.  The chips were just fine.  Not bad, but nothing to jump up and down about.  For take out, the presentation was pretty good.

Overall, this place is great for amazing seafood!