My friend and I went over to check out the Pawn Shop earlier this week.  They have transformed the whole restaurant for Christmas time and it is everything and more!  Every single inch of the restaurant is covered in twinkling lights and festive holiday decor.  It’s pretty cool.

They also have fun Christmas cocktails.  We tried:

  • Elf Punch – belle de brillet pear spirit, creme de cacoa, lemon juice, guava juice.  This drink came in a fun holiday cup.  I liked it!  My friend tried a bit and thought it was good too.  I thought the creme de cacoa taste was prominent in the best way!
  • Pawn Shop Mulled Wine – st. remy, sweetened red wine, cinnamon sticks, clove, star anise, all spice berries, orange slices.  My friend was really looking forward to having the mulled wine, but unfortunately, she wasn’t a fan of their version.  I had a sip as well and it was different from mulled wine I’d had in the past.  It had a strong black licorice taste.

All the drinks on the menu sound so fun.  They also had some hot cocktail options that I’d like to try next time.

Their Christmas food menu items are all so unique.  We had:

  • Christmas Leftover Dinner – pulled turkey, stuffing, crispy brussels sprouts, candied yams, gravy, cranberry aioli and a liege waffle.  This was soo, sooo good.  The presentation was impressive and I loved everything on my plate.  The pulled turkey and brussels were perfection.  The gravy was super flavorful.  It tasted like maybe they fried the stuffing and omg it was amazing.  I liked that they did the candied yams with the melted marshmallow on top. And how often do you order something for dinner at a restaurant and it comes with your dessert?  I saved my cinnamon waffle for my sweetness at the end of my meal – yum!

Santa’s Jefe Tacos.  My friend had these and she loved them.  There was a bit of confusion because although the menu says “your choice of 2 tacos” after a conversation with the waitress about if the tacos are filling, only one was brought out to her.  She ordered a second one separately.  Either way, once we got passed the confusion, she was happy.  The wonderfully weird flavor combinations just work.

  • Candied Yam Taco – maple roasted yams, torched marshmallow fluff, stuffing, crispy brussels sprouts and cranberry aioli
  • Roasted Turkey Taco – roasted turkey, stuffing, crispy brussels sprouts, cranberry aioli

We had such a great time.  It’s just good vibes and will get you hyped for the holiday season.  Make those resos though because when we checked it out it was a packed house.  You’re gonna love it!