I decided to order dinner from The Peri Peri Shack on Uber Eats.

I’m a huge fan of peri-peri chicken and this place does it right!  I tried:

  • Leg and Thigh Peri Peri Chicken in hot – I was a bit confused when I opened the take-out box and received one piece of chicken.  I was under the impression this was going to be two pieces.  I did end up calling them and they clarified that the leg and thigh are connected.  The seasoning is on the money, the chicken is perfectly cooked – moist (sorry, I know, I hate that word too) and tender.  Really yummy.  Next time I will get more because I definitely wanted more than the one piece.  I got extra hot sauce because I love spicy.  Their sauce is delicious.
  • Caesar Salad – Pretty straight forward, basic, caesar salad.  It’s good.
  • Peri Corn Ribs – Brushed with butter, seasoned with peri peri spices, then grilled.  So good!

I really like the items that they’ve included in their menu.  A mixture of healthy and fresh with some indulgent items such as fries and mac and cheese.  They also have a list of decadent desserts!

I enjoyed my dinner.  I will order dinner from here again for sure.  I’m looking forward to trying more items from their menu.