One of my all time favorite lunch time spots is The Poke Guy.  It is sooo good.  They offer fresh, wild (not farmed) marinated cubes of seafood.  They boast of being ocean wise and all of their packaging is compostable.  Although the eatery is small and the line-up is always ridiculously long (a sign of how great the food is), it somehow still gives off a feel good, laid-back, casual vibe reminiscent of the poke shops in Hawaii.  You start off by picking a size – the big guy or the little guy.  Then you choose a base such as brown rice, white rice or salad.   Next you choose your choice of raw fish or poke.  They have a pretty good selection that includes ahi tuna, while sockeye salmon, lomi lomi, etc.  They also carry soft tofu and more recently have also started offering ahimi ahimi which is a sustainable plant based alternative to ahi tun with the texture and flavor of the tomato.  They usually also have a feature of the day – I’ve tried several of them in the past including marinated shrimp, scallops and spicy ahi.  Yum!  Their selection of sides is abundant and fantastic – tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, coleslaw, imitation crab, mango, pineapple, jalapenos – the list goes on…  Lastly you choose your sauce and crunchy toppings.  By the end of it, you have this heaping full bowl of deliciousness.  Everything is so fresh, I just can’t get enough.  Although I can’t say I’ve tried all of the poke places in Vancouver, of the ones I have tried this one is a clear favorite for me.