I’ve eaten at this food truck several times and it never disappoints.  Their menu is ever changing and in the past I’ve tried their lamb kebabs wrapped in naan, their chickpea salad with puffed rice and chai tea with pistachios.  Today I went for  another of my faves – their butter chicken.  Vij’s unique take on butter chicken is a fusion of chicken schnitzel over a generous bed of rice with flavourful butter sauce and mango raita.  They also throw in a piece of their seasoned naan.  Omg, this is sooo good!  I was not disappointed.  The portion sizes are pretty good.  Presentation and taste are both top notch.  My only complaints are – 1. Today the sauce to rice ratio wasn’t quite right – we needed either more sauce or a little less rice and 2. This food truck is hard to find!  I don’t think they’re open all the time because sometimes I’ll see them and then weeks will go by and they won’t be around.  Today I couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch and luckily I follow them on twitter so a tweet notification came through at the perfect time to tell me that they were open at 1075 West Georgia.  It was fate.  Hopefully they’ll be around a lot more this summer because I want more soon!