The hubby and I were in Whistler for my birthday celebration.  The trip was amazing and one of the highlights for me was bobsleighing at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

The Sliding Centre was a bit tricky to find at first.  We had to go up a ski hill and then we were directed by the gondola staff in the wrong direction as they thought we were going tubing.  We called the Sliding Centre in a bit of a panic thinking we were going to miss our slot, but they gave us clear directions and we found them.

Upon arrival we were weighed and then went through a bit of an orientation.  We were advised that gloves are mandatory and it is recommended for women with long hair to tie it back.  We were taken in a van to the bobsleigh site and fitted for helmets there, then walked out to the Olympic track.

The staff is terrific and our pilot was fun and friendly.

The experience itself was exhilarating.  I would highly recommend it.  If you’re an adventurer you will absolutely love it.  There’s nothing like speeding through a record breaking ice track.  You do get thrown around a bit in there and it’s really fun!  We gained a new level of understanding and respect for the sport and the athletes.  Definitely something you need to add to your bucket list.

Whistler Bobsleigh