I found my new favorite cookie in the world – the Dunka Cookie!  To all you 90s kids, be prepared to be filled with sweet, sweet nostalgia.  Remember those delicious vanilla dunkaroos from your childhood?  Well, YVR cookie managed to recreate all that flavor in a massive, delectable cookie!

The Dunka Cookie is loaded with salted caramel chipits, vanilla cupcake goldfish crackers and stuffed with funfetti frosting.  Soooo good!  I literally am blown away each time YVR Cookie comes out with flavor, but for me this one is on another level.  It is for sure my favorite – it’s fun, unique and delicious!

I also tried out YVR Cookie’s Chocolate Chunk Walnut cookies.  Everyone in the world loves chocolate chip cookies, and when you have cookie geniuses like YVR Cookie make them, you know it’s going to be unbelievably good.  They’ve added the addition of chopped walnuts and you get a bit of that nutty crunch in every bite.  Really yummy!  You’ll love them.

As usual, YVR Cookie hits it out of the park.  A company I stand behind because they always leave me wanting more!