It’s almost that time of year again and YVR Cookie has recently released their holiday menu.  I had the pleasure of trying them out and they are heavenly.  These are the new treats that dropped:

  • Chocolate Candy Cane – this cookie is such a vibrant green!  It is literally the same color as the Grinch.  Love it!  This cookie has peppermint cookie dough loaded with milk chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  It’s topped with white chocolate drizzle with candy cane pieces.  It’s filled with melty (I warm mine up) milk chocolate.  Yum!
  • Holiday Apple Pie – cinnamon nutmeg cookie dough loaded with yogurt chips, dried apple and cinnamon flakes.  It’s topped with apple cider glaze and filled with apple pie filling.  That cinnamon cookie dough with the combination of the apple pie filling is something else.  Literally apple pie in cookie form!  This was my favorite.
  • Spiced Gingerbread – Spiced gingerbread cookie dough infused with house-made gingerbread spice mix and cinnamon flakes topped with cinnamon sugar and filled with cookie butter.  Their cookie butter is unmatched.  Mmm!  Plus I love me some gingerbread cookies, another winner.

YVR Cookie never fails to impress me!  The new flavors are so delectable – a must try!  These are also the perfect cookies to leave out for Santa. 😉  He will absolutely love them.