YVR Cookie brought it with their brand new cookie drop.

  • Raspberry Lemonade – lemon vanilla cookie dough, made with lemon zest and loaded with white chocolate.  It’s filled with raspberry jelly and topped with sour lemon glaze and real freeze dried raspberries.
  • Cookies N’ Cream – vanilla cookie dough, loaded with Oreo cookies and white chocolate.  Filled with white chocolate and topped with more Oreo cookies and chocolate cookie crunch.  This cookie was on the menu previously and has been brought back.

This was my second time trying the Cookies N’ Cream cookie.  A fan favorite, you just can’t go wrong.  They have perfected this recipe.

The Raspberry Lemonade Cookie was a bit of a surprise to me.  I honestly didn’t expect to like it that much.  I’ll be frank with you all, I am not a fan of jelly filled things.  Like I never really like jelly donuts for example.  I was more excited for the Cookies N’ Cream and cut about a quarter of the Raspberry Lemonade cookie.  It is sooo incredibly delicious!  That jelly is sooo good!  I ended up eating the whole cookie and as I’m typing this my mouth is watering so I’m going to heat up the other.  It blew me away!  I think it may even be my new favorite.

YVR Cookie is seriously the best cookie company in Vancouver.  They use the best quality ingredients.  I highly recommend!


Thank you YVR Cookie and Monique for sending me these cookies to try.