YVR Cookies is a local company that delivers ginormous stuffed cookies right to your front door.  Lucky for me YVR Cookies sent me a batch of their Instagram famous treats to try.

I was so excited when the cookies arrived!  I just love the way everything is packaged – it felt like I got a present.  It was a clean logoed box with the cookies wrapped in crisp tissue and a cute little chocolate chip sticker.  Each cookie was vacuum sealed in individual packaging to ensure freshness.

My box contained 4 cookies.  There was a little card that said I should microwave them for 30 seconds, then let it sit for 1 minute before eating.  I did just that and here are my thoughts:

  • Mini Egg – this just may be my new favorite cookie ever.  Vanilla cookie dough filled with marshmallow crème and topped with Cadbury mini eggs.  This one is soooo good.  I imagine it’s a limited time one and this makes me sad because it’s just that good! I wish we had it in our lives always!
  • S’more – cookie dough loaded with graham crackers, milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate.  This one is also filled with marshmallow crème.  I am generally obsessed with s’mores.  They weren’t something that I grew up with, so I jump at the chance to eat everything s’more that I can as an adult. This was heavenly – you literally cannot go wrong with that flavor combination.
  • Birthday Cake – sprinkles!  Vanilla cookie dough with sprinkles, salted caramel chips and filled with white chocolate.  Oh my goodness, another delicious one!  I inhaled it.
  • Cookie Butter Skor – as soon as I heated this one up the whole house smelled divine.  I’ve ordered YVR cookie in the past (different flavors), cookie butter was one of them.  This is still as good as I remember it being the first time.  This cookie has salted caramel chips and is covered in Skor bits.  Yum!

These cookies are huge.  I feel like for some people it could feel a bit too sweet if your plan is to devour a whole or multiples in one sitting as they are so massive.  For me, I split each one with my husband so it was just perfect.

For someone like me with a huge sweet tooth, they are extremely satisfying.  I completely understand why they are so popular.

Get your orders in before Easter!  You don’t want to miss out on the mini egg cookies!


Thank you YVR Cookies for sending me these delicious treats to try out.